Shaun M. Niles | Art Nude

I recognize that there are people who just are not comfortable wth the nude human form for one reason or another and that's ok. It's not my mission in life to try and force them out of their comfort zones. If you are offended by nudity then I will ask you not to visit my Art Nude Gallery. I respect your personal beliefs and choices and I have absolutely no desire to infringe upon them. Maybe you're not offended by nudity but it makes you feel awkward or embarrassed. Well, you may want to consider skipping this Gallery as well. If you are looking for porn, you are going to be disappointed because there's none of that here. Personally, I'm a bit perplexed by some of the things that I've witnessed as being acceptable while perfectly natural things like nudity or a breastfeeding mother are shunned and shamed. 

Now, if your perception is such that you are able appreciate the beauty, art, and emotion that can be found in Fine Art Nudes then I invite you to click the link below to experience some of my work in this genre of photography and I do hope that you enjoy it. 

Art Nude Gallery